faceless Free Until Saturday (for Kindle)

The Kindle thing I’m enrolled in allows me to give the Kindle edition of my novel away for up to 5 days every quarter (not the paperback version, sadly). So as soon as I figured out how to do it (yesterday), I decided to fire it up!

So if you, or anyone you know, has a Kindle and wants a free book, please pass the word along. Thanks!

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New Kindle Edition Available for Free Borrowing

I’m very happy to announce that the new Kindle version of faceless is out (paperback version here).

Besides various little typo corrections, “real page numbers” (based on the print book), and a new link to this very website, the biggest change is that it is now enrolled in KDP Select which places the book in the Kindle Lending Library. I think you have to be an Amazon Prime member to borrow it, but I’m really not sure how it all works yet.

I enrolled the book in KDP Select at the recommendation of a friend and I’m interested to see exactly what happens next.

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Reviews from ABNA Competition

Well it was a fun ride, but faceless did not win the Amazon Breakthrough Award Competition. Instead, this book did.

But one of the nice things about making it into the top 50 is that someone (I don’t know who) at Publisher’s Weekly read my entire novel and wrote a review going into the semi-finals. There were also two other judges going into the quarter-finals who wrote some feedback based on the first 5000 words as well as a little 300 word “pitch” that summarizes the whole book.

Although the contest is over for me, I’ve decided to share the feedback from the judges that I received. They all seemed to like the book.

It was really fun being in the contest, especially since I didn’t have to do anything but check my email every month to see what happened.

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Dilbert and Hologlasses

A friend sent this to me (original source).


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faceless Through to Semifinals (Top 50)

I’m delighted to announce that faceless has made it into the Semifinals of the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Contest in the Young Adult Fiction category (because the main character is 17 years old).

The list of the 50 semifinalists is here. It’s fun because it’s alphabetized by first name so it looks like I’m already leading the pack (which I’m not). There are only two more stages left to the contest:

  1. Penguin editors pick their top 3 books.
  2. The general public votes on the top 3.

But I already feel like I’ve won because making it to the top 1% from an original pool of 5000 books is a huge honor. And also, to have real editors from the publishing world read my book (which is what is going to happen at this stage) is an accomplishment in itself.

I’m reminded of the three factors for success in a subjective contest like this (as opposed to an objective contest like running 100 meters):

  1. Your own performance (the book I wrote).
  2. Your competitors’ performances (the quality of the other books in the contest).
  3. The judges’ decisions (what they like, their biases, background, etc.).

Of those three, only the first one is in my control. So success or failure in a subjective competition is, at most, only 1/3 my fault.

But I feel strange even taking full credit for my own performance. Did I force myself to have the idea for the book? Was it by dint of my own diligence and effort that I imagined the plot as it is? Was I the one who convinced my friends and family members to encourage me to keep writing? When I think honestly about this wonderful accomplishment, the actual percentage I’m willing to take credit for drops down to about 1%. All I did really was follow through.

So I’d like to say thanks to everyone who helped get the book this far. God knows it wasn’t all my doing.

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faceless Through to Quarter Finals (top 250)

I’m very happy to announce that faceless has made it into the Quarter Finals of the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Contest in the Young Adult Fiction category (because the main character is 17 years old).

A quick outline of the contest rounds and number of entries:

  1. 5000 entries submitted in each category (Adult / Young Adult)
  2. Top 1000 entries chosen based on 300-word “pitch” (I won’t give you the pitch because it spoils the whole story)
  3. Top 250 chosen based on 5000-word “excerpt” (announced here)
  4. Top 50 chosen by Publishers Weekly editors, who read the whole book (to be announced April 24, 2012)
  5. Top 3 chosen by Penguin editors.
  6. Winner chosen by Amazon customers.

We’ll see what happens next. It’s fun to be in the contest because no matter what, I’ve already got the book finished!

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Kindle Edition Released

Thanks for your patience everyone. I’m very happy to announce that the the Kindle edition of faceless is finally ready.

The paperback is, of course, still available as well.

If you’ve read faceless and liked it, please feel free to write a little review at Amazon. Read it and didn’t like it? No need to write a review. Forget you’ve ever heard of it. (That last part stolen almost verbatim from J. Kraft Mitchell.)

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Google is Making Hologlasses

Only weeks after the release of faceless (and of course years after I started writing it), articles started appearing about “wearable computers,” supposedly to become available by the end of 2012.

I’m certainly not the first person to come up with the idea of glasses / goggles that project information into the user’s eyeballs. But it’s fun to think it might actually start to come true for the average computer user and soon!

In the various and sundry articles about the glasses, you can read a description of how they’re intended to be used.

Similarities with the hologlasses in faceless include:

  • projecting computer screen to wearer’s eyes
  • screen almost invisible to others
  • camera on front of glasses to capture real world
  • could be mistaken for normal glasses

Differences between Google’s glasses and faceless glasses:

  • not intended to be worn all the time
  • navigation involving head tilting rather than just clicking your finger on the projected screen
  • Heads Up Display for only one eye and not transparent
  • expensive (at first) so only a few people will have them

I’m looking forward to my complementary pair of beta-test hologlasses because of Google gratitude for all the inspiration. Yeah right!

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Official Launch!

Finally, after a lot of delays with the mail in China, I received my copy of the book and approved the official launch of faceless.

If there is any news to report about the book, I’ll write a little post here.

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