Google is Making Hologlasses

Only weeks after the release of faceless (and of course years after I started writing it), articles started appearing about “wearable computers,” supposedly to become available by the end of 2012.

I’m certainly not the first person to come up with the idea of glasses / goggles that project information into the user’s eyeballs. But it’s fun to think it might actually start to come true for the average computer user and soon!

In the various and sundry articles about the glasses, you can read a description of how they’re intended to be used.

Similarities with the hologlasses in faceless include:

  • projecting computer screen to wearer’s eyes
  • screen almost invisible to others
  • camera on front of glasses to capture real world
  • could be mistaken for normal glasses

Differences between Google’s glasses and faceless glasses:

  • not intended to be worn all the time
  • navigation involving head tilting rather than just clicking your finger on the projected screen
  • Heads Up Display for only one eye and not transparent
  • expensive (at first) so only a few people will have them

I’m looking forward to my complementary pair of beta-test hologlasses because of Google gratitude for all the inspiration. Yeah right!

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