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6 Responses to Typos

  1. Evangelista Barylski says:

    I read the sample chapters, and I really like it! I’m definitely going to buy the book when I get some extra money! 我很喜欢!
    Page 1: “‘It’s not safe to tell you anymore.'” Should be: “‘It’s not safe to tell you any more.'” Because: “anymore” means “any longer,” while “any more” means “any additional.”

    Page 2: “Lovers often give nine roses to symbolize the eternity of their love, but for her it’s
    difficult to believe right now.” Should be: “…but for her, it’s difficult to believe right now.” Because: You have to use a comma to set the prepositional phrase off from the independent clause that follows it.

  2. nameless says:

    pg 34
    “I thought we we’re going to go to the same college and then we’d register…”

    I think should be:

    “I thought we were going to go to …”

    pg 42
    “What are you talking about? No, of course not. Tammy’s over at Bri’s house right now.”

    I think should be:

    “What are you talking about? No, of course not. Tammi’s over at Bri’s house right now.”
    Earlier in the book you spell Tammi’s name with an “i” instead of a “y.”

  3. Albert says:

    Thanks very much! I’m keeping track of these changes for the next edition.

  4. Jim D says:

    Hi Albert!

    The only thing I saw in the book was, I think, two instances where you wrote looser (as in a looser knot) when you meant loser (as in winner/loser).

    I see this spelling frequently on the internet.

  5. Angie Tolman Griffith says:

    on the first page of chapter 35 You misspelled Beijing as Bejing.

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